Paphos bus routes

Get your tickets: Tickets are issued by the bus drivers when you get on the bus.

Ticket price: One way tickets cost 1.50 €. You can choose to buy a day pass or a week pass depending on how often you will use the bus. Note however, that those passes are not valid for night trips (after 23:00). If you want to use the bus after 23:00, you have to buy a one-way night ticket for 2.50 €, regardless of having a day or a week pass.

1. Children under 12 years travel for free
2. Owners of Cypriot social card travel for free
3. University students of Cyprus and Foreign Institutions are allowed 50% discount by showing their Student cards.

Tickets and prices

One-way ticket, daytime (06:00 to 23:00): 1.50 €

One-way ticket, night (23:00 to 06:00): 2.50 €

Day pass, it is valid for the whole day from the time of issue till 23:00 and offers unlimited trips. Price: 5.00 €

Week pass, it is valid for one week and it can be used for unlimited trips between 06:00 - 23:00. It is not valid for trips after 23:00. For such trips you should issue one-way tickets regardless of having the weekly ticket. Price: 15.00 €

Month pass Valid for one month for both day and night trips. Price: 40.00 €

Year pass pass Valid for one year for both day and night trips. Price: 400.00 €

You can also download the price list from here.

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