Intercity taxi-van service by Travel Express

Travel express is a private company offering intercity taxi services. Travel express uses vans with 9-12 seats and and collects passengers from their location (or a nearby place) and take them to their destination. It is a door to doore service. The travel duration is the same as that of intercity buses. However, sometimes it may take more time than intercity buses, if for example you are among the last passengers to be dropped off.

Cyprus intercity van - Travel Express

Travel Express can take you from Paphos to Larnaca airport or from the other cities to Paphos airport. Travel Express can also pick you up from Larnaca and Paphos airports and take you to a city and address of your choice. Transfer from Paphos to Paphos airport is not possible.

Departure times

From Monday to Saturday Travel Express departs from all cities every 30 minutes, starting at 06:00 and ending at about 18:00
On Sundays Travel Express departs every 1 hour starting at 07:00 and ending at about 16:00
The exact time of the last departure can be found in the website of travel express

Price list

  Monday to Saturday Sunday

Paphos - Limassol

9.50 € 11.00 €
Paphos - Nicosia 20.40 € 23.00 €
Paphos - Larnaca 19.40 € 22.80 €
Paphos - Larnaca Airport 22.10 € 25.50 €
Paphos - Ayia Napa 27.60 € 32.80 €
Paphos - Protara 27.60 € 32.80 €
Nicosia - Paphos Airport 23.30 € 26.90 €
Limassol - Paphos Airport 12.40 € 14.90 €
Larnaca - Paphos Airport 22.30 € 26.70 €


Booking is possible via phone (77777474, 99562672) or online.. You should make a booking 4 days before the travelling day but it is usually possible to find a seat even if you attempt to book in the same day.