Top 7 Things to Do in Paphos

From April to November the weather in Paphos is great for relaxing and for discovering the nature, history and culture of Cyprus. You will find warm sun, calm sea, quality hotels, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, ancient sights and museums. Also, tours for all tastes, nice food, shopping and vibrant nightlife at Paphos bar street.

Top sevent thing to do in Paphos, Cyprus

No.1: Try Cyprus meze

You should not miss to visit a transitional Cyprus restaurant and try Cyprus Meze. You just order Cyprus Meze and you get a variety of small, tasty dishes. Usually 20 to 30 different dishes. The purpose of a meze is to give a small taste of all the local dishes in one meal. The dishes are served patiently, one after the other, so that you can eat slowly and enjoy. Meze can be fish meze at a fish tavern or meat meze at traditional tavern. In both cases there are several vegetarian dishes and you can always let the restaurant know that your a vegetarian so that thy can adjust the dishes. Price per person: 15-25 Euro. 

Cyprus Meze served at a restaurant in Paphos
Things to do No.1: Enjoy the traditional Cyprus meat meze at a good local taverna
Paphos restaurant serving traditional Cyprus meze - Cyprus Meat meze
Picture shows the variety of dishes that is included in a traditional Cyprus meze

No.2: Visit Akamas peninsula

Akamas forest is located at the northwest corner of Cyprus. You should enter this preserved area from the Baths of Aphrodite area (near Latsi) in order to get the most impressive views of the peninsula. You can do this on foot by following the signs that guide you through prescript forest paths or you can book an day tour and let the professional safari drivers take care of your transfer and food. We suggest a walking the nature path starting just before the Baths of Aphrodite.

Panoramic view of Akamas Peninsula. Many Jeep safari tour in Paphos visit Akamas
Things to do No.2: Visit Akamas Peninsula is an protected forest area with amazing views and natural beauty.
Many tour operators offer Jeep Safaris in Akamas and other areas of Paphos and Troodos
Jeep Safari Tour in Akamas Peninsula, Paphos, Cyprus

No 3: Enjoy the beach and swim

If you are looking for a sandy beach you can go to Coral Bay, SODAP or Geroskipou Plaza. Local all-year swimmer also like the rocky place called Mpania at Kato Paphos (opposite Ale cafe and Mpania Cafe-restaurant)
Day Rent for 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella is 7,5 Euros. Alternatively you can take your own staff or lie on the beach.

Fine weather at SODAP beach with visitors swimming and sunbathing
SODAP beach at Kato Paphos in October. The water is still warm
La Playa Beach, Paphos, cyprus
Geroskipou beach (Riccos, La Playa, Atlantida) are at the ends of Bus Route 611

No 4: Night stroll

You will certainly find yourself at Kato Paphos area and the harbor at some point during your visit in Paphos. Just, have in mind that there is a long walkway along the coast, staring from Elysium hotel going to the Castle and from the Castle along the coast in front of all the hotels. This is a good chance for a quite, romantic night stroll.

Paphos Things to do -Kato Paphos harbour at night, Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos harbor and the coast of Kato Paphos offer nice walking routes
Paphos things to do - Kato Paphos harbour
Walking at Kato Paphos seaside, Cyprus

No 5: Visit Kato Paphos archaeological park

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a nice place to visit whether you are interested in ancient history or not. The entrance costs 3.60 Euros and you get to see the Odeon, the house of Dionysus, Theseus villa, Paphos lighthouse and more. The gate to the park is at the harbour near the parking area. More..

Things to do in Paphos. Visit Paphos Archaeological Park
The entrance of Paphos Archaeological Park
Paphos Mosaics
Paphos Mosaics

No 6: Boat trip

If you have enough time you can arrange a day cruise. All cruise organisers have their kiosks at Kato Paphos harbour. Thus, you can easily find more about the available trips and the prices while enjoying a night stroll at the harbour promenade.

Paphos Boat Cruise
Paphos Boat Cruise

No 7: Try traditional desserts and snacks

You should try the traditional desserts (sweets): karidaki, cherry, watermellon etc. They are made from fruits and sweet syrup. Finally, the snack that impresses everybody is Kupa. You can buy it from almost all bakeries. For the best Kupa in town you should visit Andreas Snack (open only at morning time), opposite Bingo hall in Kato Paphos.