Paphos Beaches

The are just a few sandy beaches in Paphos. The three largest are:

1. SODAP beach at Kato Paphos, just opposite Aloe Hotel.

Swimming at SODAP beach, Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Swimming at SODAP beach in October

2. Coral Bay that is located just 20 minutes from Kato Paphos and it is the most famous and crowded beach in Paphos.

Coral Bay Beach
Coral Bay Beach, Paphos, Cyprus

3. Latsi Beach located in the way to the Baths of Aphrodite after Latsi. If you are visiting Akamas area or Latsi, you should not miss the opportunity to dive into the clear and cold waters of Latsi beach in front of Anassa Hotel (photo below).

Latchi beach at Polis Chrysochou
Latchi beach at Polis Chrysochou

4. Geroskipou Beach (Atlantida, Riccos, La playia) 

La Playa Beach, Paphos, cyprus
Geroskipou beach (Riccos, La Playa, Atlantida) are at the ends of Bus Route 611